Weekly Wrap || April 27th

Weekly Wrap

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed there wasn’t one of these last week.

What can I say except…oops?

Beyond the Blog

Life has been sooooo hectic recently, which is why I’ve been a bit absent. For one, I turned in my thesis last Friday, which was super draining but IT’S DONE! Now I just need to survive two more major class presentations and another two papers, one of which is actually halfway drafted already. Doable, for the most part. Just a heavy load, especially, with finals coming and the pressure of job hunting.

I was also notified that I’ve been waitlisted for the program I so badly want to take part in, and that I received a certificate of commendation in a translation contest from last semester! Not an acceptance and a cash award, BUT also not a rejection and no prize at all, so I’m actually really okay with the state of things. Really, I am! It’s more steady than it was, and less disappointing than I was afraid it would be. 😂

AND the new season of She-Ra came out (review to come, but it was SO MUCH FUN and also released on Lesbian Visibility Day which CANNOT be coincidence lol), AND I’ve found a little time to read, AND I’m actually going to visit an art museum today for class, so ultimately, all is well. A busy two weeks, but they’re turning into a very good two weeks.


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The Week Ahead


Honestly, any calm I’ve found in the last couple weeks is going to fly out the window. I have to deliver two presentations, finish a 12-15 page paper, continue job searching, and prep for the final exam in my senior seminar. Plus finish the half-draft of that other paper. And pack up to leave college forever. And read some ARCs because pub dates are coming. And and and and and…

Yes, I’m breathing, why do you ask?

It’ll be fine in the end. I work better under pressure than I would like, so I’ll find some solutions, write an absolute ton of essay pages (and never have to write an academic essay again HELL YES), and somehow, I’ll make it to the pre-graduation week. And hopefully Detective Pikachu. And just some general PEACE AAAAGGGHHHHH.


If we all scream at once, how loud do you think it’d be? Altogether now, one big stress yell… Or not tbh. Might be A LOT. Anyways, hope you’re doing well, and that your life is less hectic than mine. See you all around!

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