Happy New Year…and Happy Hiatus?

Words Gremlin Hiatus

It’s sooner than I expected to announce this, but The Words Gremlin is going on a brief hiatus in order to move to self-hosting AND to complete rebranding!

That’s right. When we come back in a couple weeks, we won’t be The Words Gremlin anymore. 😱

But here’s the whole scoop, so it’s less scary and more fun.

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2020, Here We Come! || Blog Resolutions

2020 Blog Resolutions.png

Listen, even if this year’s resolutions didn’t go so swimmingly, we’re headed toward a whole new year, and more importantly, a whole new decade! We might as well set some goals worth achieving, and see how it shakes out in the new year, right?

So here’s where I hope The Words Gremlin is going, and a little bit about where we’ve been.

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Goodbye 2018, and Hello 2019! || Blog Resolutions

2019 Blog Resolutions.png

It’s that time of year where we all make promises to ourselves about the changes we’re going to make in the new year. Some of us are better than others about following through (I’m not usually one of those people…), and some of us are proud just to check off a single box out of a whole list (or are frustrated that we did only that).

This year, I’m going to try to be better about making the changes I want to see, and I figured one way to do that is to be transparent about what I’m up to where this blog is concerned. So, without further ado, a look ahead at the future of The Words Gremlin!

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Changes Ahead!

Since summer is here and I not only have time to read, but to BLOG (truly amazing…), the Words Gremlin schedule is changing up!

Barring any super special posts, and sometimes skipping certain post types, future weeks should look a little something like this:

  • Sundays: This week’s YA releases!
  • Mondays: Book reviews
  • Tuesdays: BOOK MEMES
  • Wednesdays: Writing related shenanigans (and maybe #1linewed from Twitter!)
  • Thursdays: Posts about good words that are not from books
  • Fridays: Friday for Funsies posts
  • Saturdays: Weekly wraps

And at the end of the month, I’ll go through all the books I’ve read in the month!

I hope you like the upcoming changes, and if there are any bookish memes or types of content you’d like to see from me, please, don’t hesitate to suggest it! I’m excited to try all kinds of new blogging things.

See you around more often starting next week! And you might see the words gremlin in training more often as well…

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