Weekly Wrap || November 10th

Weekly Wrap

Hey, wait, didn’t I just write one of these? Like, just a couple days ago?

What do you mean, it was a week ago???

You guys, the relentless passage of time is cruel and GETTING TO ME.

Life Beyond the Blog

Okay, so on the good side, I’m hanging in there! I read two books this week, I’m going to maybe read another one today, and I have Thanksgiving break right around the corner! I get to go home next Friday and see my rabbits and my family. I also applied to a job on campus, and I have my fingers crossed that I get it (mostly because DANG do I need money).

On the flipside, though, I’m about 6k behind on NaNo as I type this, and it’s SNOWING outside.

Obviously, the universe is conspiring against me, a poor Midwesterner who is stressed and hates the cold. Woe is me. Heed my tragic tale, my grim warning: the Midwest is a cruel place.

Anyway, moving on from my over-inflated sense of Shakespearean misery…


Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead


But when is it ever not chaos? Anyway, I’m hoping to get back on track with NaNo, get that job, and somewhere in here, do a good chunk of my two research papers. If I can get a head start on those, it’s not going to be nearly so stressful to finish them off after my break is over. Then again, I am a champion of all things procrastination, so we’ll see whether or not this mission succeeds. If I were you, I’d play it safe and not put any money on it (especially because there’s supposed to be more Great British Baking Show AND She-Ra this coming week, which are obviously prime distractions worthy of my time). But hey, you never know!


I’ll see you around next week, hopefully. Have a good one, folks!

8 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap || November 10th

  1. Wishing you luck with the job and NaNo 😀 !!!

    I can’t believe you have snow where you live. Where I live its HOT. 80 degree weather hot. It still feels like summer here lol.

    I’m also so excited for She-Ra! Looks so awesome!

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