Weekly Wrap || September 29th

Weekly Wrap

So, did you know me and the last minute are PALS?

Life Beyond the Blog

Basically, this whole week has been spent in an academic panic, mostly because I put off two major projects until the last minute. I’m very good at that, which is a bit of a problem. I’d like to be very good at doing things ahead of time instead.

That said, yesterday morning, I survived the presentation of the first project, and this weekend, I’ll be spending my time up to my eyeballs in art history research, so everything is going to be intense, but okay. My next project is due Tuesday morning, and after that, I’ll be FREE. Well, as free as I can really get as a college senior lol.

Beyond academics, it’s been a good book week! I haven’t read anything, BUT, tracking on my Illumicrate box says it showed up at home, which hopefully means my family will mail it ahead to school for me so I can finally crack it open and dig into Vengeful! AND, my friend was able to go to the VE Schwab signing in Seattle last night, which meant that she also offered to take one of my books along to get signed. I’m honestly over the moon about it, especially since I won’t be able to travel to any of the signing stops for the Vengeful tour. I just have the most wonderful friend. ♥

Posts This Week

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The Week Ahead

Step One: Survive until Tuesday

Step Two: Maybe read an ARC or two that I have lined up

Step Three: Wish all my academics would go away

Step Four: ???

Step Five: ??? but in bold

Step Six: Profit

For real, though, I have no clue what lies ahead. Probably something big and scary, but also bookish packages in the mail. Y’know, a bit of both worlds? Either way, I’m really hoping I can get back to being productive instead of doing things at the very last second. Gotta break that habit. You’re all allowed to yell at me if I ‘fess up about procrastinating in any future blog posts, okay?


I’ll see everyone around the blogosphere. Have a great week, folks!

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