Friday for Funsies || Blog Party!!!

Friday for Funsies

Last month, I tried this fun new idea of a blog party! It didn’t go so well then, but I’d like to try it again because it’s super simple, and it’s good for the community. All you have to do is comment on this post, and tell me what you think! It’s not about me today, not at all.

What do you love about blogging? What’s tough? What’s a post you’re really proud of? And most important, whose blogs do you recommend? And if there’s anything else about blogging you’ve just gotta share, get it out there!

In the future, I think I’m going to try and do this the second Friday of every month, and if I get enough people participating, I might start featuring some of the blogs recommended (and maybe some of the blogs doing the recommending!), which could be a lot of fun.

Happy Friday!

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