Weekly Wrap || July 28th

Weekly Wrap

OMG, I’m going to a Premier League soccer game tonight and I honestly almost can’t think about anything else!

Life Beyond the Blog

Okay, I lied, I can think about other things. I finally got back into reading this week, and finished two library books and an ARC! I also made time to finally finish playing Breath of the Wild on regular difficulty. I have 100% completion on the corner of my map, plus all the treasure chests from the shrines, all the armor upgrades (minus amiibo exclusive armor because I don’t have any), and 100% complete DLC, even the Trial of the Sword! I think it’s possible I’m going to attempt Master Mode soon, start over with upped difficulty, but I have other games to focus on before I do that.

And in more mundane news, I’m getting a haircut today. Finally. Thank goodness. I never realize how much I treasure my pixie until it’s too long and I have to chop it off. Everything always feels better when I get my hair cut back down to where it’s supposed to be. Is it maybe a little vain? Yeah, but man, feels good. Feels real good.

Posts This Week

Upcoming ReleasesA Skinful of Shadows ReviewStrange Grace ReviewCamp NaNo Check-In #4

The Week Ahead

Next week, I’m probably going to break 50k on Camp NaNo (before the 31st! wow!), and I think I can get through Lish McBride’s Hold Me Closer, Necromancer and VE Schwab’s A Conjuring of Light by the end of the month. Then, starting on the 1st, it’s off to the races with a personal, unofficial second Camp NaNo challenge where I try to write 50k on my f/f pirate mermaid fantasy story. Beyond that, it seems like everything is up in the air, so hopefully, it’s all good!


Hope your week has treated you well, and the week ahead treats you even better!

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