Writing Wednesday || Camp NaNo Check-In #2

Writing Wednesday

The first week of NaNo is already over. I can’t believe it!

Know what else I can’t believe?

Okay, no, I can believe it. Because I didn’t outline my shiny new project that I switched to, I’m totally stuck. Completely. And I don’t have the time to outline without totally falling behind on word count, so I’m going to be switching (AGAIN) to projects that have outlines. It’s mostly fanfic to be totally honest, but I do want to clock in 50k this month, even if it’s not just on one thing. And around writing, I’m going to make sure my outline for next month is SOLID so I don’t have this problem again.

Somehow, Camp NaNo never quite goes right for me. Mostly because of this project hopping.

Send help.

Current Word Count

15,120 words of 50k

Goals for This Week

Reach 25k words!

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